The Patented Paw Washing Device That Soaps & Soaks Every Paw with Clean Water.


How do I know the Paw Boss will work with my size pet?
There is only one size so if your pet’s paw will freely fit into a 3.5” circle and 2” of water is tall enough to cover & clean the paw, this product should easily work for you.
How many paws can I wash without having to empty and refill it?
It really depends on how high you fill the wash cup. If you fill it only 1” high, you can get about 8 washings. If you fill it to the max, 2.25”, you should easily get 4 paw washings without having to go back and forth to the sink.
What makes this product different from what’s out there on the market?
Health and convenience. From a health standpoint, would you wash your hands in dirty water? No way. Because of the built in clean and dirty water reservoirs, you can actually wash every paw with fresh clean soapy water. From a convenience standpoint, you can wash multiple paws with fresh clean soapy water without having to go back and forth to the sink. In addition, our approach provides a very gentle and non-invasive way to clean your dog’s paw.
What’s really the big deal about removing the germs/bacteria from my dog’s paws?
Certain types of bacteria can make you sick. Experts call them gram negative bacteria and they can easily be spread through touch. Soap and water are the two words germs fear the most so having the ability to use fresh clean soapy water for each and every paw is a very effective way to beat these tiny warriors.
You say this product is proven to remove 99% of the bacteria and fungi but how did you really prove that?
With the use of pet antimicrobial soap in the Paw Boss, we used a third party outside lab to test the germs on the pets paw before and after the Paw Boss. Samples were tested for several weeks and a final report was provided to us. The results proved that the Paw Boss removed 99.5% of the bacteria and 99.9% of the fungi from the pet’s paws. The key is simply using fresh clean soapy water for every paw.
Do you have any tips on how to train my pet on how to use the Paw Boss?
Don’t rush it, practice repetition and do it consistently the same way every time. We’ve believe the best approach is where you slide the Paw Boss to the pet rather than bringing the pet to the Paw Boss. We designed the Paw Boss to be very stable which should allow you to use both hands to maneuver your dog. If you need more help, please watch our video demonstration. As a tip, if you are using it on a hardwood floor or something hard (i.e. tile), add felt pads to the bottom corners to make it slide easier.
What exactly is that pad inside the wash cup and is it removable?
Inside the bottom of the wash cup is a pad that has very soft flexible fingers to help facilitate the removal of dirt between the paw pads. This was designed to be very soft to the touch thus creating a gentle and effective cleaning experience with your pet. And yes, the pad is removable if you prefer to take it out.
Can I leave the Paw Boss outside?
We would not recommend leaving the Paw boss outside and be exposed to the elements of nature (sun, heat, cold, etc.). The intent of the Paw Boss was to leave it by your front or back door or even take in your car with you if you are headed somewhere that may require cleaning your pet’s paws (i.e. dog park).
Can I control how deep I fill the paw washing cup with clean soapy water?
Yes, the way the Paw Boss works is you simply tilt it to fill it. Because of this, you can control how much water actually goes into the wash cup. The maximum fill height of the cup is around 2.25” which should easily allow you to wash 4 paws without having to go back and forth to the sink.
How much does the Paw Boss weigh when full?
About 8lbs. Light enough to take anywhere.
Is the only color of the Paw Boss black and grey?
Yes, the base unit is only black and grey however, we have partnered with a company to provide a high quality vinyl skin that will allow you to customize it to your décor. See our vinyl skin section of our website to see the various patterns you can purchase.
Do I have to empty the paw wash cup after cleaning every paw?
No, you don’t have to but remember, using clean fresh soapy water for every paw will create the best results for germ removal.
What do I need to do to clean the Paw Boss?
We recommend you rinse both reservoirs every time you empty and refill it to prevent buildup. If it gets too dirty, please see our directions on how to vigorously clean the inside the reservoirs. It is important to note that the Paw Boss does NOT come apart. We purposely designed it with a welded seal to ensure a leak proof product. Every Paw Boss is 100% tested for leaks prior to leaving the factory.
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